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Friday, January 27, 2012

Trader Joe's Sparkling Blueberry Juice

I loooove me some sweet beverages. I don't care what kind: sodas, juices, energy drinks, milkshakes, nectars, smoothies, frappuccinos, mixed drinks, dessert wines, chocolate milk, or eggnog. I probably drink more calories than I eat. And I'm proud of it. Maybe it's because I'm lazy. The whole act of chewing seems so tedious sometimes.

Why eat a bag of blueberries when you can drink one? TJ's Sparkling Blueberry Juice has got the same great blueberry taste and involves less masticating... No masticating at all as a matter of fact.

In another review of this product that I happened to stumble upon, the taste-tester said this product was "a bit strong." I totally disagree with that statement. Considering that the natural flavor of blueberries is at least a bit strong, I think the flavor of this product is actually a little on the mild side. Not bad. Just a bit mild. The deep, dark color of the beverage is a little misleading if you ask me. Anything with the word "blueberry" on the label should have a big, bold taste. Other than that it, tastes like real, natural blueberries. It's like blueberry juice mixed with some lightly carbonated water.

I also think this product could stand a bit more bubbliness. Carbonation is wonderful. It adds texture to a liquid. Think about it. Foods can have hundreds of different textures, but liquids are either thick or thin -- and they might occasionally have pulp or something -- but carbonation kind of adds texture and body to something that's generally pretty simple. Anyway, that's basically my only complaint. The mild flavor thing isn't really a complaint. Just more of an observation.

Anyhoo, I give it a 3.5 out of 5. I thought about giving it a 4, because it's a great subtitute for champagne (not that it actually tastes anything like champagne), and kind of has that Martinelli's sparkling, non-alcoholicky, fruity vibe. But I've given out a lot of 4's lately. Can't give everything a 4. If it were just a hair stronger or a tad more carbonated, it might have gotten a 4 from me.

Sonia gives it a 4. Her only complaint is that she wishes there were more. At $2.75 a bottle, TJ's could throw us a bone give us more than like 4 glasses-worth.

Bottom line: 7.5 out of 10 stars.


  1. First I love blueberries so it would stand to reason that I would like this as well and I do. :)

  2. I want to try it, I do, but it's a bit pricey for me.

  3. Uh, Blueberry Mojitos anyone? LOL

    Great post!
    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to find your Blog.

    I would love to link up as I am the Blogmaster at ; an online community for Trader Joe's artists and admirers of their work!

    Please stop in and say hi!

    I have added you on our "blogs we follow" section. Any chance you would consider reciprocating?

    I'll be sure to check in more often!


  4. If you like this, you'd love the homemeade version, at a fraction of the price (overall). I make yummy blueberry seltzer al the time, with the Sodastream seltzer maker, adding a shot of blueberry syrup to the liter bottle. The syrup is available at many ethnic stores for around $4/liter, and it has nothing but real blueberries and real sugar in it. Great, natural blueberry seltzer and you can tweak the flavor/sweetness level yourself! (I know this is a TJ blog and I love their stuff, but blueberry seltzer is a favorite here and the TJ stuff is very pricey.)


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