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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Egg Fettucine Pasta

As a family that has no gluten sensitivities or celiac concerns, there's invariably and irrefutably one factor that makes or breaks a gluten free product for us: the texture. Most GF items we've had taste fine or just good enough, but if it feels wrong, ugh. Or conversely, if the texture is just fine, that's an absolute bonus.  A recent family snack favorite (non-TJ's division) has been Snyder's of Hanover Gluten Free Mini Pretzels. Not only do they taste awesome but they have a terrific, tight crunch that's even better than a regular pretzel. We gobble them down, and are an absolute winner.

And yes, we are aware that TJ's has a gluten free snack pretzel option. I don't believe they've been reviewed, but we've had them. We just like the Snyder's better, so there's that.

But what Trader Joe's does have is Trader Joe's Gluten Free Egg Fettucine Pasta.

Egg noodles really are the best, aren't they? A little firmer, a little doughier, some more girth and whatnot. They're classic, and you don't mess with classics. That's why I never acknowledge that Jack Sparrow was also once in a chocolate factory...point being, here's a little bit of a risk. Making an all out, long thick noodle that will undoubtedly be at the center of any dish it's prepared for leaves little wiggle room for error....

Nailed it.

I'd be hard pressed to notice a difference AT ALL between these gluten free noodlers and the plain ol semolina variety. It's nearly a perfect copy. Even more impressive considering the first ingredient is rice flour, which I typically liken to making stuff taste and feel like wet newspaper. I would think might some sort of corn conglomeration would do it, but nope, rice. Amazing.

I wish I could really go into more detail, but think of a really good egg noodle, and that's exactly what these guys are like. What more can I say? What higher compliment? I can think of none.

Even our kiddos loved them. M, our oldest, enthusiastically gave them two thumbs and 10 toes up, and she's normally the first to grimace about anything. It may have helped we had these for dinner in butter sauce with shrimp, which are two of her favorites. We all wolfed them down. Which brings to one slight negative - it's only three servings per bag, which is kinda an odd number. For our fam, and perhaps yours, two bags would have to do it for dinner, especially when our kids' appetities will rival ours. Regardles they were fairly inexpensive and readily available in the refrigertaed section, as these are fresh noodles that cook in literal minutes. Which makes them even better for our busy fam. As ones who choose to forego gluten when possible, these will become a staple I'm sure. Double fours.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Gluten Free Egg Fettucine Pasta: 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons


  1. This would be great in TJ's chicken soup that is sold in the refrigerated section. Chop the fettucine into small pieces and add to that soup! Gluten free chicken noodle soup without the hassle. YUM! Less than 5 minutes prep

  2. Why do you choose to forego gluten if your fam has no gluten sensitivities? Just wondering.

    1. So people like me who have gluten sensitivities can read an honest review about a gluten free food?

    2. Lol no real particular reason - partially so yes, we can review products like these. Also I was hardcore into Paleo for a bit and lost a lot of weight, and being glutenfree was part of it. Not as strict these days but when given the choice that's where I like to do.

  3. How exciting! I wonder if they freeze well....? (Worth trying yourself to plan for if/when it’s no longer available!) I have gf friends and have never made a pasta because the odds of failure are too high and although i like the lentil pasta it’s not something to serve with my semi famous mushroom ragu.

    1. Good point about freezing. I may well try it out because, as you say, they'll probably stop making these once they get popular enough. gah!

    2. I have frozen them and they turned out just as good as when fresh. Just make sure to pull out a day ahead of time and let them slowly thaw in the fridge.

  4. Love this pasta. I had no sensitivity to gluten, but wheat is a very hard food to digest even for cows who have more than one stomach. Once I got off gluten, my skin was better, I felt better and my acid reflux went away so for those that don't think they would benefit from excluding gluten from their diet might want to try to see what changes they see. My husband also so his life long psoriasis disappeared after excluding gluten. Keep offering these gluten free products.

  5. This fetticini is so good! I was really hard pressed to try it because so many other gluten free foods are terrible. I was really happy it was so

  6. The noodles stuck together both times we cooked them. Has anyone else experienced this, and how did they solve the problem?
    P.S. my wife is an excellent cook and this is frustrating her.


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