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Monday, February 12, 2018

Trader Joe's Creamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers

My wife doesn't always believe everything I tell her.

For whatever reason, I'm struggling to think of a concise, simple example of this that I'm openly willing to share. And I'm not talking about a nefarious, relationship-straining kinda doubt. It's more the "have to hear it from someone else" kinda deal. In all, it's pretty harmless, and it's never been over something too deeply serious.

I'm gonna use Trader Joe's Crwamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers for an theoretical example, actually.

This actually didn't occur this way...but if I were somehow to get my hands on a boxful and try them out before she would, and told her that they taste like pizza, she'd probably be reluctant to try and may not even. She's not a tomato fan at all, and abhor tomato soup, so this is a product that would take some convincing for her to try.

But, I guess these soup-flavored crackers made their way on a TJ's fan page somewhere, where a few people all said "These crackers taste like pizza!" and so with that, she made sure to get them, probably mostly for a snack for our tomato soup lovin' girls, but she was pretty pumped to give them a try without any prodding from me.

I disagree, though. These crackers do NOT taste like pizza.

Sure, there's a vague similarity. The earthy soup flavors with a zesty spice flair (pepper, garlic, etc) could be construed as marinara-esque. I didn't pick up on it much, but folks with more attuned taste buds *might* be able to pick up on the asiago cheese. Primarily composed of rice flour, these crackers are light and ultra crispy with a sizable crunch, with the bonus of being gluten free.

But like pizza? Nah, not's something else...

Pizza Combo filling.

Obviously, in a different form and all, but to me, the similarity is there. Well, maybe less salty. But everything else? Yup. I'm not talking about the pretzel tube part or whatever else, but just the filling in the middle. Tomatoey with generic spice and a hint of cheese. It's there, and it's not necessarily bad, but if these crackers taste like pizza Combos, but if pizza Combos really don't taste all that much like pizza, the transitive property states that these crackers don't taste like pizza. Although I can see why people would think that way...

Am I mad? Crazy? Would this argument hold up in court? I have no idea. You tell me!

In all, our family enjoys them just fine. I like them as a snack that I feel no need to binge on, as does Sandy. But like pizza? Nah. Maybe you'll just to believe me...

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Creamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers: 7 out of 10 Golden Spoons   


  1. Not my favorite. I wouldn't say they have a tomato soup flavor either. Maybe they would be better if there was more of a tomato-basil taste.

  2. I just tried these today, and the fact that I couldn't pinpoint their familiar nostalgic taste was driving me crazy. Pizza-flavored Combos! You're totally right. Or we're both crazy.

  3. Trader Joe should pay you (or at least give you free stuff). I bought these today just because of your review! :)

    While I didn't dislike them, I didn't like them anywhere near enough to spend calories finishing the box. One day my beloved cornbread chips will return, and I'll eat nothing but them for a month.

  4. I liked the crispiness of them. The first bite was the best. That tasted sort of like tomato soup. But after that, they did taste faux pizza-like. I won't buy them again.

  5. I was trying to place that nostalgic taste, too, when I sampled these. I was reminded of a drier Pizza-flavored Pringle.

  6. I taste no pizza either. Definitely taste the tomato soup. Maybe a sight taste of weaker version of pizza combos.


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