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Friday, December 29, 2017

Trader Joe's Stroopwafel

"There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures...and the Dutch."

A little Austin Powers humor there for you. But you gotta admit. The Dutch make a mean cookie. I mean waffle. I mean...stroopwafel. Stroop! There it is!

These things are like the sexy illegitimate love-children of a naughty sugar cookie and a super sultry, syrupy waffle. They're pretty sweet. I mean that both literally, and as in, like, "Sweet, dude!" They taste like buttery, bready sugar cookie waffle things. And the texture...the texture is even harder to describe. The packaging says "crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside." That's not inaccurate at all. But...they're so much more surprisingly awesome than that sounds. I feel like I've had "crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside" before, but I wanna say this is just a whole new mouthfeel here with these stroopwafels. Also, there's a quaint, collectible tin.

It was once suggested that we here at What's Good at Trader Joe's? are nothing but "Belgian World Domination Puppets" due to our love of speculoos cookie butter in all its majestic forms. Well, watch out, Belgium, you've got some competition. Your friendly Netherlandish neighbors are revving up their TJ's game. I'll be first in line for Stroopwafel Butter.

Watch Sonia's video for pics of the product, nutrition info, and a cool trick where you place a stroopwafel on top of a coffee cup and it gets all warm and gooey. It's like the Dutch version of a Tim Tam Slam.

Four stars from Sonia. Four and a half from me.

Bottom line: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. Alas, these seem to be a seasonal product and they're already gone from my local TJ's! Bummer, because these were really good. I shoulda stocked up. :(

    1. They’re readily available at World Market, among other stores.

    2. Yes, but the trader joe ones were really really fresh.
      Sweet, crisp and delicious.

  2. I'm a cookie lover and these guys were too sweet for me sadly. I tried them twice resting them on top of a mug of tea. I'm glad you enjoyed!

  3. Wonder if these are made my ghetto brand name company.

  4. The texture is hard to describe! I always say "you can sink your teeth into them." TJs sells mini stroopwafels year round!

  5. I LOVE these!! Definitely more awesome after resting on top of hot tea or coffee for a few min so the carmel gets softer. They are exactly the same as ones at whole foods i found for nearly $8! I'm glad i bought two tins and will certainly "make do" with the mini version TJs always has since these are seasonal.

  6. I had these 20 years ago in Amsterdam and thought I'd never have them again unless I returned there. And then I tried the TD's version. Verdict: EXACT MATCH. Soooo good.


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