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Friday, August 27, 2010

Trader Joe's Gluten & Dairy Free Homestyle Pancakes

Mmmm...just like mom used to make at home...wait, no, I'm pretty sure the ones mom made when I was a kid had dairy, and you can bet they were chock full o' gluten, too.

Actually, my mom never made pancakes for me as a kid. My dad did sometimes, and I distinctly remember almost choking to death on one of his famous rubber pancakes. Yummy.

At any rate, these pancakes are a marked improvement over anything I ever had in my home. Makes you wonder whose home these pancakes were styled after? Well, apparently this particular home had some issues with milk...and gluten, as well.

What is gluten, anyway? We know it has something to do with wheat, but we're not quite sure what it has to do with wheat. We know many people have some sort of "issues" with it. Are people allergic to it? Does it cause indigestion? Is it just not good for us?...Does it taste bad?

Well, I certainly don't miss it in these Trader Joe's brand "Homestyle" Pancakes. Come to think of it, the pancakes in most people's homes probably don't come in little plastic wrappers, either. And they're probably cooked on the stovetop, not in the microwave.

Oh well, homestyle or not, I'll keep eating them. Four out of Five Stars. Sonia gives Four out of Five. Bottom line: 8 out of 10.


  1. You made me smile with this review. Just as a FYI, Gluten is the protein in certain grains (wheat, rye, and barley. Oats have a similar protein to gluten, so some can't have them either, and they can also be contaminated with wheat.) There are several medical conditions that require patients avoid gluten, including Celiac Disease and Crohn's disease. I have the former, and have had to avoid gluten since the age of 3 because otherwise I have a nasty auto-immune response where my body attacks itself, specifically the villi in the intestines that absorb food.It can lead to feeling very very sick (I barf my guts out, other people have other fun symptoms) and also higher risks for Cancer and other joyous things. SO, gluten-free can be pretty important for some of us. I happen to love Trader Joe's for having some special foods just for people like me. Whee! Now that you have totally lost your appetite, let me recommend the TJ gluten-free mac n' cheese, snickerdoodle cookies, and 2 no gluten ingredient products- their green chili cheese tamales and gorditas. The last one is total junk food and I know it, but they are so handy, especially for those vegetarian gluten-free folks. Oh, and they have some corn flax crackers that are very, very tasty.

    You should have more gluten-free reviews than two! ;)

    Have a nice day and keep on blogging. I love your blog concept.


  2. Thanks Sea! I have a friend or two with some gluten sensitivities. TJ"s certainly has a pretty great selection of gluten-free stuff, we've probably reviewed more than two but neglected to take note. Thanks for the suggestion! And I still have some appetite, especially since you mentioned cookies ...


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