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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Trader Joe's Pistachio Gelato

If one having a mustache is "mustachioed," then is one having a pistachio, or pistachio-flavored product, "pistachioed"?

If so, then neither Sonia nor I have been pistachioed in a while. 

We've had plenty of gelato here and there, particularly Talenti, which, incidentally, is the brand Trader Joe's is emulating so obviously with this plastic jar of gelato. We love those jars. Long after the delicious product has been consumed, they can be used for storage, or even for cereal or beverages. So convenient. Like a souvenir cup with every purchase. And once it's outlived its usefulness, right in the recycling bin it goes.

But it's been a hot minute since I've partaken in a pistachio-flavored frozen dessert of any kind. And we're reviewing the food product, not the packaging, right?

Fortunately, the food within the jar outshines the jar itself—even with that sexy, green Starbucks-like emblem. The flavor, to me, is immediately recognizable as pistachio. It's nutty and sweet—but not too sweet. There's a good bunch of pistachio pieces scattered evenly throughout the gelato, and they blend so perfectly, I can't imagine a better nut to dairy ratio.

Sonia thought she tasted coconut just as much as pistachio. If I eat the product with that in mind, I guess I can see what she's talking about. Coconut oil is one of the main ingredients, and coconut and pistachio are actually very similar, dessert-like, nutty flavors if you think about it. They're both right up there with peanuts, pecans, and almonds as far as tasty nuts (and legumes) you might want to throw in a pie...or cake...or ice cream.

And the texture is just what you want a gelato to be—very similar to ice cream but denser, thicker. It's best when you eat it nice and cold, but not frozen solid. It's gotta be riiight when the outer edges of the gelato are getting slightly drippy—right when it's stiff, but slightly pliable, so you can appreciate both its heaviness and its delicateness.

I, for one, think it's a very tasty product and would happily purchase it again. Sonia liked it as well, although she'd like to see whole pistachios in the mix, rather than bits. We're aware TJ's has at least one other flavor of this Talenti-esque gelato...Caramel Cookie Crunch, which was unavailable at the time we purchased this jar. Perhaps that's another review for another day...stay tuned.

Four stars a piece on this pistachioed product.

Bottom line: 8 out of 10.


  1. Ugh, why do they use coconut oil in ice cream? Is there not a more neutral option? I can always taste it, even when it's further down the ingredient list.

  2. Looks like Talenti gelato to me.

  3. Oh man, I freaking LOVE a good pistachio flavor- pistachio butter is like a gift from the Great Beyond.... i’ll have to pass since dairy hates me but I’m optimistic TJs can replicate the amazing chocolate sorbet talenti makes

  4. Aldi also carries pistachio gelato and caramel cookie crunch gelato, packaging is very similar and the Aldi gelato is delicious (I haven't tried the TJ gelato yet). I wouldn't be surprised if they come from the same batch as TJ's gelato. My local Aldi lists it as seasonal item, but I have seen both flavours in abundance throughout the entire 2018. So if you can't find a flavour in TJ's try your local Aldi.

  5. It's really not very dense, only 80g per 1/2 cup. For comparison, TJ's (excellent) french vanilla ice cream is 105g per 1/2 cup.


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