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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Trader Joe's Turkey Cranberry Apple Salad

This year, I'm thankful we found something pseudo-appropriate to put up the day before Thanksgiving. I mean, this tub of Turkish delight—er, excuse me—turkey-ish delight is a great little mini Thanksgiving meal all its own. It's kinda like a Gobbler Wrap without the wrap.

My wife, whom I'm very thankful for, loved it even more than I did. She holds this snacky salad on par with the classic Wine Country Chicken Salad. I wouldn't go quite that far. But it's close.

Chunks of apple and cranberry lend both tartness and sweetness to the blend. There are huge cubes of high-quality turkey and generous amounts of mayo here, too—and just enough sage to make it interesting. It's perfect for slathering on crackers, making sandwiches, or eating straight out of the tub. At least around these parts, the only three meats you'll find with regularity are beef, pork, and chicken, so I'm always grateful to have another choice on hand.

I wish turkey were more common year round. I mean, sure, there are turkey hoagies here and there. But I'd choose turkey burgers more often if I could. Likewise, why isn't turkey salad just as common as chicken salad or tuna salad? Are we scared we'll run out of turkeys come November? 

No matter. I'll enjoy this turkey salad while it's around. Like many foods this time of year, it's a little on the fattening side...but let's all pretend it's not since it's the holidays...and that will be our little secret.

Likely many of you are traveling today, pigging out with family tomorrow, and doing some Christmas shopping over the Black Friday weekend, so I'm very thankful for whatever readership we do get right now. Hope you all have safe and happy Thanksgivings! And I'm thankful that you enjoy reading our blog.

Four and a half stars from Sonia. Four from me.

Bottom line: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. It might be worth mentioning, this has been recalled in several states, mostly in mid/western states:

    There are apparently plastic or glass shards, so no salmonella or listeria or anything like that.

    1. I’ve found shards of plastic in the jack jalapeño shredded cheese package and yes I reported it

    2. I'm just finding out about the recall, and thinking back i do remember the translucent plastic bits. I thought it was weird but thought it was a hard piece of turkey tendon/cartilage or something. In any case, it's been a month and i'm still alive so :)

  2. This would be delicious in a toasted croissant!

    Nicole @

  3. I wish they would make a turkeyless version of this and the gobbler wrap for us meatless people! Sounds like a tasty mix of ingredients... gonna have to make my own friday with leftover fake turkey meat! The bit of sage sounds like the key here


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