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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trader Joe's Carrot Spirals

"Them carrot spirals are good!" remarked an enthusiastic Russ on a recent WG@TJ's team email thread.

The Rodgers wholeheartedly agree.

"But aren't they just carrots?" you ask.

That's a good question, the answer to which is " sea salt."

However—and this is a big however—something magical happens to carrots when they're sliced into noodle-esque spirals. They become more delicious and more fun to eat. I don't understand the science behind it all. But it works. Just trust us.

They seemed to taste sweeter than regular carrots for some reason, and their essence was just a little more intense. The good flavor might also have something to do with the olive oil we used when we cooked them or the 21 Seasoning Salute we used on one batch, or the Francesco Rinaldi Alfredo Sauce we used on the other. What no Trader Giotto's? No. We do occasionally shop at places other than TJ's.

The look and texture of the spirals is somewhat similar to spaghetti squash. When served with the seasoning salute, they seemed slightly more springy and fresh than when served with pasta sauce. The Alfredo made them heavier and a tad soggy.

Sonia preferred the spirals with the seasoning, and I did too at first, although the Alfredo version grew on me by the end of the dish.

35 calories per serving (without Alfredo sauce, obviously) as compared to around 200 in a comparable serving of pasta? Heck yes. Four solid stars a piece.

Bottom line: 8 out of 10.


  1. Except you forgot to mention that they are frozen. And therefore suffer from the frozen carrots flavor and texture problems.
    Deal breaker for myself but in general i hate frozen veggies (probably because i grew up in CA and we never ate them), too bad because i love fresh carrots. I have my own spiralizer so i'll try them with the 21 seasoning

    1. That is exactly why I didn't buy them. I loathe frozen carrots.

  2. I LOVE CARROTS! However, I thought this product lacked flavor. They were fun in appearance, but that is all that was going for them.

  3. I love them! Great texture and taste!


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