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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trader Joe's Original Savory Thin Crackers

Sonia let me eat these crackers in our bed. She didn't really have a choice. It's not like I asked permission. She was still asleep.

In my defense, I did use a plate and napkin, and I don't think I allowed any crumbs to spill onto the sheets. If I had, our dogs would likely have gobbled them up anyway.

Often, before I begin my usual work for the day, I'll try to get a head start on the following day's post for this blog very early on. I mean, writing posts for this blog is usually—not always, but usually—the most fun project of the day. But still, I like knocking out as many tasks as possible early on. Lately, I've found myself waking up at dawn without the assistance of an alarm clock. I'm generally showered, dressed, and have completed a number of domestic tasks like yesterday's dishes or taking out the trash, along with a few tweets and pins by 7am or shortly thereafter. So if there's any way to justify my product for review as a breakfast option, it often becomes just that.

Crackers for breakfast isn't that weird I guess. I had these crispy crunchables with hummus, cheese, and the very last scrapings of our garlic spread dip. All of those toppings worked brilliantly with these gluten-free crackers, not that I was expecting anything less.

They're rice-based, and they taste that way. I've had plenty of other rice crackers throughout the years, and the flavor here is pretty similar. There's a significant sesame taste, too, by virtue of not only sesame seeds, but also sesame flour. Sesame seeds don't really thrill or astound me much these days, but likewise, I won't complain about their presence, either. In a cracker like this, the flavor is deliberately muted, so as to showcase the flavor of whatever cheese or topping they're paired with.

Texture-wise, they're nice and thin, slightly brittle, rigid, and very crunchy. They're stable enough for a chip-full of any kind of topping, but they break apart effortlessly when bitten into.

There's apparently a "mini" version of this cracker that's oddly available for purchase on just about every online retailer one can think of. I guess because they're so shelf-stable...? Anyway, this version is $1.69 a pack. Good price. Decent product. I'd buy 'em again. Three and a half stars from me.

Sonia says they remind her of Japanese rice crackers. She's certainly not wrong. She's eager to try them with some different toppings. Four stars from her.

Bottom line: 7.5 out of 10.


  1. The Multiseed with Tamari Soy Sauce mini crackers are even better than these! They have a great flavor and can just be eaten alone; I have devoured entire bags in mere hours.

    1. They are delicious, and have great flavor and texture.

  2. I generally hate any rice based crackers but i love these! They’re great for when i want a crunchy thing that’s healthier than chips. And the flavor is mild enough they go well with whatever dip or spread. The minis are great for snacking as is but too small for dips- my nephew ate a lot of those when he was a toddler actually. Now he loves the seaweed rice crackers best

  3. I really like those crackers with cheese or any other topping fit for a cracker. The problem now is that our local TJ's near San Diego isn't carrying them any longer. I checked several times with clerks and asked where they were. They'd take me to a spot in the store and say "This is where they should be." After 2 or 3 strikeouts, I asked the people at the main desk. They pulled it up on their computer screen, and it just had a note showing something like "not ordered" or "not on order." Has anyone else had the same experience, or do you still have them in your store?


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