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Friday, May 11, 2018

Trader Joe's Mint Watermelon Flavored Black Tea

Nothing says middle aged suburban peer pressure in the spring and summer than the distant drone of a lawnmower. If the neighbor's yard is mowed, yours has gotta be too. Once you hear one, you'll hear at least three more, guaranteed, in the next hour.

I literally have not had a chance to mow mine all spring long - too cold, too wet, too busy, too something - until this past Wednesday night. Yeah, it was so bad I had to attack it midweek, after work, before dinner. Kept losing the dog in the thicket. And of course, all my neighbors had already, so mine I was busting it out as quick as I could, pushing thru kneehigh grass, raking, sweating, feeling gross, had to get done before it got too late, with storms threatening to roll in so extra humid...ugh.

Fortunately, Sandy made a fresh batch of iced Trader Joe's Mint Watermelon Flavored Black Tea earlier that afternoon. Doesn't that sound like summer in a glass? And my longstanding "refreshment benchmark" is how cooling and pleasant a beverage is once I'm done mowing the lawn, so here was a perfect chance.


"Mint" and "watermelon" do not sound like natural flavor bedfellows to me. I hold both flavors in close to equal regard...but together? Potential chocolate gum theory application here. But nah, it works. Seems to me it's because both flavors are a very light, natural kinda of flavor, at least when unsweetened. The mint could have been bubblegummy, the watermelon could have been Kool Aid-y, but nope. Just light and crisp, with both flavors about equally present and wellbalanced, while backed by the usual steeped tinge of black tea.

This tea is some pretty good stuff. There's no sticky-sweet aftertaste, no artifical sugar crud, nothing along those lines at all. And yet I feel no need to guzzle it either. A good glassful is about all that's really needed.

Sandy and I didn't try it hot. We probably won't until temps are on the way down, not the way up. My instinct is that it wouldn't be as good as a steamy mug, but I've been wrong. You tell me if I'm wrong.

Count us as fans. Here's one tea worthy of a neighborhood-wide buzz.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Mint Watermelon Flavored Black Tea: 8.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons 


  1. Watermelon and mint are one of my favorite combinations. I cannot wait to pick this up! One of my favorite summer time treats/meals is watermelon topped with fresh mint, salt (or tajin if you prefer a bit spicier), and honey. It sounds like an odd combination but it's amazing!

  2. I picked this up at TJ’s a few days ago. Now I can’t wait to try it!

  3. Watermelon and mint are a natural. A plate of watermelon topped with crumbled feta and fresh mint is one of my all time favorite simple meals.

  4. I had it hot several times ;) I enjoyed it hotboth sweetened and und unsweetened.

  5. I was just in last night (and emailed them today) and they have discontinued the Mint Watermelon Black Tea :( If you want (a chance) to see it come back be sure to drop them a line on their website... I have seen them bring items back sometimes if enough people contact them, and they are able to. Love this tea! So sad I only bought 1 container.

    1. It’s back at Trader Joe’s. Just bought it today

  6. My sister works at Trader Joe's and I'm willing to bet it will be back. They way underestimated its appeal and simply didn't make enough. I love it. I've only tried it iced but this could easily be my go-to iced tea all sooner long.

  7. I LOVE this tea. I also love the Berry and Cherries herbal blend, and NEITHER of them are being restocked. I've submitted a product request for both here:

    As soon as I tried both teas, I knew they would be my go-to summer blends: the mint-watermelon black tea in the morning, berry herbal in the afternoon/evening. I'm a big hot-tea drinker, even in the DC summer. SUPER disappointed I didn't buy all in stock the one time I found them both. Crossing fingers they come back.


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