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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trader Joe's Pain au Lait

It's not unusual for me to devour the majority of a delicious Trader Joe's product before Sonia even realizes it's in the house. But it's very unusual for the reverse to happen.

Yet happen it did with this pain au lait. 

As my wife will attest, those French sure know their breads: baguettes, brioche, croissants, and of course, French toast—which might not actually be French—but we give them the credit anyway because it sounds lame to call it "eggy bread."

Add pain au lait to that list of delicious French breads. And in this case, the "pain" is indeed a product of France, imported across the pond for our enjoyment. Thanks, Trader Jacques—er, Trader Joe.

They're chock full o' milk, sugar, butter, and eggs. That's why they're so delicious. And fattening. They taste slightly sweeter than traditional breads, but not to the extreme that they're doughnut-esque or exclusively dessert-ish. Despite their sweetness and butteriness, they're surprisingly soft, airy, and addictive.

They remind me of one of the complimentary breads they serve at a particular chain restaurant, but I can't remember for certain which one: was it Outback? Cheesecake Factory? I haven't been to any of those places lately so I can't put my finger on it—but it was a bread so tasty, that I'd deliberately eat my fill so that when my meal came, I'd take a few bites and then pack the rest up to take home, thus stretching one meal into at least two. It definitely wasn't authentic pain au lait, but it was reminiscent of this offering in terms of sweetness and softness.

Serving sizes here are relatively small, in case you're worried about portion control. Each piece is perfect for dunking in coffee, or your hot beverage of choice. They went great with the hot chocolate we looked at recently. They're simply awesome with some butter and jelly, or even just butter. And honestly, both Sonia and I were fine just snagging these little guys out of the bag and eating them by themselves like cookies.

Three dollars for eight rolls. This could be a repeat buy. Sonia says she could eat the whole bag in one sitting. She'll throw out her first perfect five star score in a long time. I genuinely liked them too, but perhaps I'm not quite as enthused because I'm waiting for a bread that's optimized for dunking in energy drinks. Just kidding. That would be gross.

...or would it?

But for all you coffee connoisseurs out there, meet your new best breakfast friend. Four stars from me.

Bottom line: 9 out of 10.


  1. Considering one slice of crummy grocery store sliced bread is about 100 cal the nutrition stats for these buns is impressive when considering just how much more delicious they are! I put one in the microwave for about 30 seconds and that somehow made it even better!
    I used one for a pb and j and you gotta out a layer of pb on both sides with the jam in the middle otherwise the jamgets soaked up by the bread too much but that made for a tasty lunch.
    Did you see the new "aloha" buns? I couldn't rationalize buying both on the same visit since i'm a household of one, but they look promising!

    1. Aloha buns, eh? Thanks, we'll keep an eye out.

    2. Oh my gosh I have these in my cart the other night. I put them back after a lot of internal debating. It is not the fat content of bothered me about the sugar content. You know The Old Demon white flour and sugar. I remember these from childhood and having them with a light smear of butter and Nutella. And then as an adult with the light smear of butter and blackcurrant jam. So good. After reading your review I'm going to have to go back and get them LOL

    3. Either Nutella or blackcurrant jam and these...yum.

  2. Or it can be used as hot dog buns! Something new.

  3. I often get some brioche buns at Whole Foods for shrimp rolls that I make. I wonder how these would do... they're certainly cheaper.

  4. I would imagine these would be great for lobster or shrimp rolls.

  5. If you like these, you will love the sliced French brioche. That one is even richer and butterier and makes the best French toast.


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