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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookie

There's certain formulas for success that you just don't mess with. For example, almost all country music. It's solid, not spectacular, but when the mood is right, it works, at least for me.

Kinda like a KitKat candy bar.

Country music isn't my preferred genre by any stretch. On any list of favorite candy bars, I'm not sure KitKats would be anywhere in my top twenty or so. But when I got the right hankering, there's no questioning how good and right a KitKat is. Right snap. Right texture. Right amount of chocolate and crispy innards. Right amount of everything.

It's enough that I kinda forget that KitKats are just chocolate covered wafers...until having a Trader Joe's Chocolate Coered Wafer Cookie and realizing how much unlike a KitKat they are.

And unfortunately I don't mean it is a compliment.

Never really occured to me that there'd be a right or a wrong way tmake such a simple confectionary concoction, but apparently so. These TJ choco-wafers, in comparison to KitKats, lack significantly. First off, there's so much less chocolate. Part of that is basic structure - the single snappable unitness of KitKats versus the solid TJ's slab - but part is also application. While KitKats have a respectably thick chocolate layer, these TJ cookie bars have such a thin layer I'd call it chocolate leaf. I mean, you can see the wafer through the chocolate. No bueno.

Maybe that's why the TJ chocolate wafers also feel a little different. It's like there's not the same snap. The wafer itself tastes all in all the same, but man...nah. It's off.

Can't mess with the classics too much, I guess. Or at least you shouldn't.

We're not big on these, and will probably never buy again. I think both Sandy and I are sparing a point each for there being sugar and chocolate but otherwise we have no enthusiasm for these KitKat wannabes.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Chocolate Coered Wafer Cookie: 4 out of 10 Golden Spoons 


  1. Interesting that it came from Poland. Also other reviewers feels the same way. It not great. TJ's needs to tweak it up.

  2. I totally disagree. I think this is amazing - I have to ration myself. They are very much like a European wafer bar (similar to a Kex).

  3. More bad news... compared to the only slightly smaller regular KitKat (42g) the TJs version has 7g more fat and the 70 extra calories from it too. I’ll pass.

  4. Guessing it is this Polish copycat..

  5. This is not supposed to be a KitKat. I know that is the wafer bar Americans are familiar with, but wafers are very popular in Europe - and every wafer is not supposed to be a KitKate. This is like a Prince Polo in Poland (their most popular Candybar), or a Kex in Sweden (their most popular candy bar), or any number of Russian wafers. It even reminds me, a bit, of a Cadbury TimeOut from England.

    If you want a KitKat, this isn't it - but if you love European wafers (that are not supposed to be KitKats), this is perfect. It's exactly what it is supposed to be, and it's delicious.

  6. I’m thinking this is TJs rebranding a Prince Polo bar.

  7. I agree with Rachel...this is not suppose to be a kit kat.
    It is a light european wafer and it is awesome!
    I've had a hazelnut version too by Prince P.
    If you expect this to be a kit kat (which it is not trying to be), then you will be very disappointed. Why does everything have to be compared to something else, heh? If you want to taste a kit kat, go have a kit kat. If you want a lovely light crisp wafer bar, then this Prince is for you...

  8. I don't like kit mats, but I love the euro style wafers and I love this!!

  9. I love these, the wafer is so light with the right amount of chocolate between layers! Give these a chance if you haven’t.

  10. I like it. It reminds me of a wafer bar in my country from my childhood, Superman Wafer. But with better chocolate.