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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trader Joe's 4 Authentic Belgian Waffles

What's your breakfasty carb of choice?

Speaking solely for myself, it's gotta be potattoes. Hashbrowns are king. But sweet potatoes mixed in with some eggs, cheese and salsa...mmm.

But for my fam as a whole? Undoubtably it's waffles. A freezer waffle on the go is a busy weekday morning breakfast of choice for our kiddos. There's a place within easy walking distance of our house that started a weekly waffle brunch every Saturday, and if we're in town, we're there. My brother and his wife even throw a fancy homemade "Wafflepalooza" every year complete with mountains of almost every kind of homemade waffle and topping imaginable.

So...we know our waffles.

And of course, waffles aren't just for breakfast anyways. Like with what we did with Trader Joe's 4 Authentic Belgian Waffles when we used them as a base for an open faced ham/cheese/egg sandwich for dinner. Okay, that's like breakfast for dinner, so kinda cheating...but nah.

Perhaps this is just recency bias, as we almost literally just ate them, but I cannot think of a better frozen waffle I've had in quite some time. These Beglain boys are a bit thick to fit in our toaster, so instead Sandy heated them up in our oven for a few minutes, which of course worked just as well if not even better. The outcome: hefty, square doughy grids with a crisp outer shell giving way to a warm, almost creamy interior. There's a slight sweetness to the batter which plays well with the buttery aspects. Really, it's a surprisingly decent Belgian waffle, and although a serving says two waffles, really one is reasonably enough.

And there's no way to argue it's not an authentic Belgian waffle either. They're right from Belgium, not some Belgian style imposter by way of Vancouver or something silly.

 Sandy and I were pleasantly surprised by how overall decent these waffles were. And remember: we're waffle people. Our two little waffle experts weren't as impressed, though. Might have something to do with the rest of dinner (eggs are give or take) or whatever...I'm sure if we scooped ice cream atop or covered with fruit and whipped cream or did any number of other tasty waffle options that they'd be much more amenable.

These are worthy waffles to be freezer staples. Can't believe we've not had them til now. Deeeee-lish.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's 4 Authentic Belgian Waffles: 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons  


p.s. Perhaps appropriate this week while also on the topic of waffles. 


  1. Well this is new my waistline doesn’t need!! LOL. I always just kinda walked by these assuming they would have too much dairy for some reason and there isn’t any!
    So, obviously these will be in my cart next trip :))
    Those hysterical geniuses at serious eats have a column called “will it waffle?” , definitely worth a look (spoiler: they used a wafflemaker for hash browns!!)

  2. These are my favorite frozen waffles -- hands down. True, they say they are imported from Belgium and thus can be called Belgian Waffles, but the reason I like them is they are not like Traditional Belgian Waffles, which are those heavy, bready, dense things, with pearl sugar cooked inside, and sold from food trucks and dessert stands. I hate those. They are like heavy sweet bread and not the light, crispy, brown on the outside and light and custardy on the inside affairs that I like -- which these are.

    Best. Frozen. Waffles. Ever.

  3. I love these too. Great for frown waffles and not too sweet. I eat them with honey drizzled on top.

  4. I went to pick up these here waffles only to find they are not available anymore. So sad.

  5. Why do they discontinue every frozen food that I like? I've been eating these waffles for years, and now they are unavailable. Most disappointing.

  6. The Belgian factory in Milcamps that produced the waffles burned down. Rumor is that they are going to rebuild it. I certainly hope they do, as these waffles were spectacular.

  7. We have been enjoying these waffles for years, nothing compares. Hope they rebuild the factory in Belgium.