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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Trader Joe's Raisin Walnut Apple Bars

Looks just like some kinda fancy raisin bread broken up into mini-loaves for easy consumption, but I can't tell for sure. Let's see the write-up on the packaging. I'm sure it will tell us what the gimmick is here and how best to heat these little morsels. No write up. to the rescue. Ah, these are protein bars? I never would have guessed that in a million years. And they contain "high gluten enriched flour." Does that mean they add extra gluten? I guess whatever they remove from the gluten free products has to wind up somewhere, right? What a clever use for repurposed gluten.

Anyway. The bars. How are they? They're like really dense, really doughy raisin bread but with dried apple bits and walnuts, too. Kinda sweet. Kinda soft. Kinda chewy. They're much more filling than just a typical slice of cinnamon toast or other specialty breakfast bread. Not bad, not bad.

But they're so much better toasted. A little butter or cream cheese here goes a long way here since there's already a natural richness to the product. Filling, sweet, nutty, and fruity, I don't even know if these are supposed to be holiday or not, but I think something like this would do well year-round.

About 6 bucks for 8 bars. Sonia likes them a lot. Would buy again. Four stars a piece from the wifey and me for Trader Joe's Raisin Walnut Apple Bars.

Bottom line: 8 out of 10.


  1. We call them bagel sticks at our house, haha! It really did feel like someone was making bagels but was too lazy to make them into rings. Very tasty, though!

  2. These are an old Trader Joe's standby come back! They were originally "Force Primeval Bars" and were in the lineup no later than the 1990's. Some years back they disappeared but it's great to have them back. I've tried the new ones and they taste about the same.

    1. Force Primeval Bars!? = mind blown!

    2. People had been asking after them on Reddit. Apparently the bakery went out of business and they had to find a new provider. That might explain why the local brand I preferred (nearly the same but bigger bars) disappeared at the same time.


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