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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trader Joe's Rainbow Wrap

Taste the rainbow, friends. Other than Skittles, this is probably the most colorful thing I've eaten in a while. Actually, I haven't had Skittles in years. This might be one of the most colorful things I've eaten period. Let's see: we've got red beets, orange sweet potato, yellow hummus and chick peas, green spinach, and a purplish tortilla. What? No blue? No indigo?

Whether Roy G. Biv approves or not, this is a great lunch for a hot summer day. It feels and tastes fresh, and it won't weigh you down too much. There are plenty of savory and earthy flavors here, and the sweet potato lends just enough natural sugar to keep it interesting.

The beets weren't overly beety. They're not pickled, so they simply lend a bit of earthy crunch to the mix. The curried hummus was flavorful but not overbearing. The chick peas? I've mentioned how I feel about chick peas before. If anything, I'd just ask for more of 'em.

Sonia wanted the sweet potato chunks to be just a tad softer than they were. They were much firmer than either of us expected, but unlike my loving wife, I was okay with it. They were somewhere between the texture of a water chestnut and that of a chunk of regular potato in a potato salad. We both see why they might want them that way—the wrap may have seemed a tad "soggy" if the sweet potatoes had been too soft. As is, they provide a little body and texture, and contribute the most "meatiness" of any of the ingredients.

Granted, we had some other snacks along with it, but just this one wrap was enough for Sonia and I to share for lunch, and it was quite filling. We're eating less and less meat these days, and feeling better about it all the time. This vegan item is $4.49 at TJ's. Four stars a piece.

Bottom line: 8 out of 10.


  1. Glad you liked it as much as i did! I agree on the sweet potato texture- it works in this wrap, and they’re not undercooked at all, but if having just a side of sweet potatoes i would want them softer.
    I’ll certainly buy it again for a quick lunch, and it’s perfect for anyone transitioning to more plant based meals. But for a half wrap to be one serving yeah a side salad or some fruit is necessary

  2. I couldn't really eat this. It was extremely bland and the wrap had the texture of gluey bread. I ate half and chucked the rest.

    Maybe the one I got was old or something.

    Granted, it was filling & pretty healthy.

    I'd rate it a 3/10 personally.

    1. So wasteful to throw away food. Just take the part you didn't eat back to TJs and they'll give you a refund.

  3. Totally loved this wrap! Wish the protein count was on the nutrition label.


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