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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trader Joe's Cauliflower Pizza Crust

At this point, I think we all gotta admit it: The world's most versatile vegetable is cauliflower.

Who woulda thunk it?

Sure, some others deserve credit/honorable mention. Like, say, carrots, especially in light of their incredible noodle impersonation. Never saw that coming. Zucchini can do a similar trick, too, of course, and is tasty in all sorts of preparations.

But cauliflower? Maybe because it's otherwise so bland and nondescript, it's too easy to adapt into healthier versions of a lot of stuff. Cauilflower rice is a good thing, as is stuff like kung pao nuggets...

...but now pizza crusts? You can do that? That seals it right there. Please see Trader Joe's Cauliflower Pizza Crust. Took me a minute to comprehend it myself.

Advantages: gluten-free, if that's a concern you have. Less carbs. More fiber. When covered in toppings of your choice, the inherent caulifloweriness of the flavor kinda fades to the background and makes an almost believable bona fide pizza crust.

Disadvantage: See picture. Flippety-floppety, soft and bendy.

We followed the "for a crisper crust" prep method on the box by placing the frozen cauli-corn disc directly on the oven rack. To my amazement, it didn't disintegrate and leave a crumbly Superfund-level disaster zone on the oven floor. The thought of scrubbing out scorched pizza remains definitely crossed my mind, but thankfully it did not come to pass. It browned a little, but remained soft and floppy....if this were a regular crust I'd say soft and super-doughy, but that's not quite right. It did, though, stay intact.

All that being said, both Sandy and I liked it, as did the kids. Both kids didn't believe us that the crust was made of cauliflower, so this might be a way to sneak some extra veggies in your young'uns. We'll probably pick it up again and see if baking the crust by itself first before adding toppings makes it a little crisper to our liking. Cost $3.99, which sounds like a lot until you consider how involved it would be to make your own. Use for pizza or making flatbreads or breadsticks....all without the bread, of course. More power to the cauliflower.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Cauliflower Pizza Crust: 7.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons.


  1. I ate this the other method was to put it in my grill smoker for about 20 minutes. Everything was good until I was about halfway through my first slice and I noticed an odd texture in my mouth...almost like my mouth was coated with something sticky. Same thing happened when I ate the leftovers yesterday. So, I'm not going to repurchase this, unfortunately :(

  2. This looks interesting and as soon as my trader Joe's get this in stock I am hoping to try it. How does the size of this product differ from the Organic Pizza crust? I know that the ounces are different...but if you have a visual that would be great!

  3. I was unable to find it at my local TJ's. One of the managers told me that they had to pull it off the shelves (freezer) because there was some error with the directions printed on the package. Once they fix it, it will be available again. I can't wait to give it a try!

  4. The first time I made this it was absolutely disgusting. It tasted like a bad polenta and it was super soggy. I decided to do away with the instructions on the back and give it one more try. I baked the crust alone on the toaster oven rack at 450F for 20 minutes. Then I put in on broil for 3 minutes. After I saw that the crust was firm I topped it with sauce, cheese and the meatless ground beef from Trader Joe's and baked it at 450 for another 10 minutes. The results were amazing!! The crust was crispy and delicious with a nice amount of chew to it.

  5. I bought one last night but haven't tried it yet. At our store they were putting stickers with new instructions over the instructions printed on the box--the clerk told me that the stickers had come from TJ's headquarters because they needed to fix the instructions that produced bad results.

  6. Oh, personally I didn't find it more flippety-floppety than the average pizza doughs I use or make. I don't think something like a grill smoker would work; somehow, it feels like that would force out naturally-occurring oils, and thus may be leaving a strange residue.
    We baked ours for longer than the instructions suggested, with most of the toppings already on. All were pleased. It definitely doesn't taste like bread- it's almost entirely comprised of cauliflower, after all- but it didn't do anything to take away from all the otherwise classic pizza flavors.

  7. Made this tonight. Put it directly in the oven. spilled everywhere. super floppy. wouldn't buy again. I've made my own, much better.

  8. My sister bought this last week- hers had 2 crusts in it and a different box. It was delicious. It was 3.99$ for 2 and now I bought one this week and there's only 1 in the box for 3.99

    1. Edit. She got the regular pizza dough loll

    2. Final comment- didn't like it all didn't like the texture - the regular crust was much better!


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