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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trader Joe's "this strawberry walks into a bar..." Cereal Bars

So, this strawberry walks into a bar...and then another strawberry walks into the same bar. Don't you think the second one should have ducked?

A strawberry, a hamburger, and a hotdog walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve food here."

A strawberry and a Bohemian walk into a bar. The Bohemian gets thrown out, and the bartender says to the strawberry, "Now that's what you call a 'bounced Czech.'"

I could go on...

But if I did, you wouldn't read the rest of this "review," and I wouldn't blame you.

We've tried both the blueberry kind and the strawberry kind, and they're both tasty. You can see right on the box that there are plenty of "this stuff is good-for-you" claims to be made. Organic grains, B vitamins, low fat, etc. So they seem to be healthy enough. They're reasonably-priced as well. But how do they taste?

These cereal bars are surprisingly flavorful. After trying the blueberry ones and being perfectly satisfied with those, I was a little stunned that, if anything, these strawberry bars were bursting with even more berry deliciousness. I tend to enjoy blueberry products a bit more than strawberry ones, but there are always exceptions. Both products are soft and moist-ish.

If you've ever wondered why I employ terms such as "moist-ish," it's because when someone who disagrees with me leaves a comment something along the lines of "Hey, these thing aren't moist!" I can always counter with "I didn't say they were 'moist.' I said they were 'moist-ish.'" In the future, when and if I graduate from "foodie-hack" to "foodie," I can make more bold, confident claims about food, and when people leave such comments, I can simply produce my Official Foodie Certification card and just shut them down right then and there. That being said, I must clarify that only the fruit portions of these bars are moist. The cereal portions of the bars are dry, like the cereal portion of a cereal bar should be.

But really, I'm quite happy with their flavor, texture, and everything. There's a good cereal:fruit ratio, and the serving size is adequate. They're perfect for a quick, on-the-go breakfast, or just as a little afternoon pick-me-up. I'm gonna go ahead and say that you should check out both the blueberry and strawberry versions of these cereal bars. There are a couple more flavors that we haven't checked out yet, but we'll keep you updated. If you've tried the other flavors, feel free to fill us in with a comment below. I thank you in advance.

Sonia says these are worthy of a 4. I concur.

Bottom line: 8 out of 10.


  1. Really like the fig bars, will have to try the strawberry next time I go to TJ's

  2. The fig ones taste like fig newtons and the apple ones are tasty, too! The main selling point for me is that they cost half as much as Nutrigrain bars, have better ingredients and taste the same if not better.

  3. I've been eating these for a while, and it just occurred to me that they're basically oversized "Newtons." Huh.

  4. These are a "must purchase" on my visits to TJ's. My kids love them, and as js said, they cost less than Nutrigrain bars, have better ingredients and taste much better. We like the Blueberry ones, too.

  5. Thanks for all your comments! I'm really anxious to try the other flavors now...fig and apple sound good. And, yeah, I'm right there with ya about the NutriGrain bars. You need a coupon or something to make them worth it...

  6. Big fan of the blueberry and apple. A good mid morning snack or a pick me up on my long commute home.

  7. How much sugar are in these bars?

  8. Too sweet! Yuck. Would be really good bars if there was half the sugar.


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