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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Trader Joe's Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers

Well, here's a rare sighting that just so happened to be captured on camera:

An opened bag of Trader Joe's Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers, in my house, that hasn't been completely ransacked and emptied somehow.

I mean, sorry, about the rip up top. We usually strive to take a photo of an unopened item. It kinda presents better. It's really kinda an amatuer move on our part. Party foul.

But man...have you tried these yet?

Holy smokes.

Sandy and I are now on our fourth in less than a week, which for people who try to not eat a lot of "junk food"... is a lot of "junk food."

What's there not to love about these elote chips? Not familiar with elote? Neither are we, to be perfectly honest. but these chips got me begging for another trip to Mexico to have a try at the real deal. Until then, I'll happily make do with these.

The spice blend is pretty complex for a chip. It's sneaky as it builds and builds in intensity. The first few bites are pretty mild. A little heat, sure, but that's when I particularly noticed the creamy buttermilk flavor these chippies offer. But then the rest of it comes on about three or four bites in. There's habanero spice and good pepper bite and all sorts of other things really going on that I'm not 100% sure how to explain except....dang. It's smoky and creamy and spicy all in one, in a way I've never experienced before on a chip.

Add on top of that the incredible texture here. Oh goodness. These corn chips are almost soft and crumbly and a little bit mealy to an almost melt in your mouth essence. They're still crunchy, to be sure, but not in a typical tortilla chip or Frito kinda way.

I've heard some comparisons to Cool Ranch, no, no. I mean, I get the basis for comparison for the elote chips...there are some similar elements...but these chips are better, so much better. I tasted both side by side while tailgating for baseball's opening day, and the TJ's Mexican corn chips absolutely blow Doritos out of the water, by a long shot.

These chips are awesome just by themselves. Really, yes, they are made for dipping into something, but it's 100% not necessary. Unless you have guacamole. Oh man. Pair them up and you'll see. My goodness.

They're $2.29 a serving, I mean bag. I need to stop buying them. I don't want to. Sandy loves them just as much as I do, I think....which is a lot. I cannot think of a single negative thing to say. Amazing. I want to go finish off that bag right's open and taunting me...double fives for the first perfect ten on anything on here since I have no idea when.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers: 10 out of 10 Golden Spoons


  1. Wow, this ringing endorsement makes me want to go pick them up today! Especially since I'm planning to make guacamole. My only reservation is the mention of "heat." I don't really do heat. Maybe the guac will help temper it.

  2. i found them very disappointing. they're fritos with a tiny bit of seasoning. taste nothing like street corn.

    1. So sorry.. i find them the absolute best!!! Dipped in black bean hummus., a great meal with a margarita!! ❤️

  3. I tried a sample in the store last Friday and LOVED them. Just wish I had gotten more than one bag, it is an hour drive to the nearest Trader Joes.

  4. These are phenomenal with some Cowboy Caviar!

  5. Really? I was so disappointed in these. They tasted like Cool Ranch Doritos to me. I LOVE elote and had high hopes.

  6. Tried these at the sample station- they’re tasty although too much dairy for me to buy a bag. (Ugh) i do love the classic corn dippers! Such great corn flavor.
    You really haven’t had proper elotes? So easy! Just grill corn, smear on mayo, roll in cotija cheese, and sprinkle with Tajin and cilantro. Good stuff.

  7. I don't understand how you could compare these to cool ranch dorritos.

  8. Hey-o

    I work for TJ’s. When we tried them in the break room, I didn’t like them for some reason.

    And then we got creative - as we do as TJ’s crew - and heated up some jalapeƱo pub cheese with a jar of the tomato-less corn and chili salsa - and used the elote corn dippers as our dip delivery method.

    MY GOD. I think I passed away momentarily, and then came back to life grateful for one more bite.

    For some reason, after trying that pairing, I’m now addicted to both dipped and un-dipped dippers.

  9. boughta bag today just on a whim. now i am wondering how i can hide what is left of the bag so I dont have to share as well as making an excuse to drive an hour for chips!

  10. These are pretty darn good! No it's not a fresh ear of grilled corn, it's a chip.

  11. I love them! I am eating them right now :)

  12. So happy to know others love these, too. They are so good! I’m still mourning the loss of TJ’s Honey Butter Chips. We don’t eat chips often, so when we do I want them to be worth it and these certainly are.

  13. These made me violently ill. I couldn't figure out why I felt suddenly ill [like food poisoning] as I am careful vis a vis gluten. I have had the plain corn chips and did not react. these are potentially dangerous to anyone with food issues. btw, I did what I could with supplements and began to feel better. then a few days after had a small amount of chips. Woke up with food poisoning symptoms again. This is actually the second type of chip from TJ that has made me ill. I buy many of their house brand items with no problems. But my chips days are over.


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