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Friday, April 15, 2016

Trader Joe's Sriracha Tuna Salad

After being traumatized by seeing an open jar of Bacon Jam and Sid Crosby's face in the same blog post on Wednesday, I decided to give myself a day off to recover. 

During my down time, I finished up our Sriracha Tuna Salad. It's not exactly comfort food, but tuna salad is nice and familiar, plus there's a bit of that international flair I love—in the form of tasty, Thai-inspired sriracha sauce. Although, both Sonia and I don't think it tasted a whole lot like sriracha. I mean, we could tell there was a tangy hot sauce up in the mix, but somehow it tasted a little different than the sriracha we've come to know and love.

And of course, there's mayo and some chopped up veggies. The whole thing was a tad on the liquidy side if you ask me, but it was still passably crunchy and full of good-quality tuna fish. And just as I expected, there was only a hint of heat—Sonia and I were both pining for more. We would have added some extra sriracha of our own, but we were fresh out. At 8 oz, the package is slightly less than the size of two cans of tuna. With a price point of $3.99 per tub, it's not outrageous, but we'll probably opt to make our own tuna salad and add our own customized amount of sriracha in the future, rather than make this a repeat purchase. Double threes here.

Bottom line: 6 out of 10.
(Nate's Notes: We would have had a brand new podcast episode up for you today, but I apparently blundered the mic settings during recording, thus rendering it unusable. So apologies to anyone who was looking forward to that. We'll hopefully have a new episode up in a week or so.)


  1. The combination of tuna salad spiked w/sriracha seems odd.. if they wanted to add spice, wouldn't diced jalapeño make more sense? just sayin'

    1. As usual, KBF, you're not wrong ;-)

    2. Just came from TJ' where to be found... more for you,

    3. There's actually jalapeño listed in the ingredients towards the end. Strange it didn't have more of a kick to it. Does sound like a good DIY project though.

    4. Oh yeah...didn't notice the jalapeno in the ingredients. Couldn't really taste it either.

  2. Why not they could had included a small packet of the sauce if you want to amp up the heat.

  3. What the heck is "cultured sugar with added vinegar for freshness"?

  4. I tried it and wad underwhelmed. Agree with your rating of 6.

  5. i use to work at the facto ry where they make this shit. the chef is an idiot and the people that make the mix and prepare i thought follow sanitary rules before entering the product line. not to say what happens in the warhorse when its getting ready to ship. the packages get dropped on dusty floors and just get picked up and placed back on the racks like nothing. as for the liquid that shit even looked weird to me while i worked their and this was while "fresh" in the coolers. add a pack a sauce dumb ass idea. weird ingredients. worry about the other misspelled shit i typed. dumb ass new age foodies/yogies/whatever you trader joe whole foods shopping idiots label yourself.


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