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Monday, December 28, 2015

Trader Joe's Deglet Noor Dates

Just like most of my dates in high school, Trader Joe's Deglet Noor Dates are almost certain to not be around very long, so let's keep it short here.

As a first foray into the world of these smaller, firmer, and less smooshy cousin of the ever popular medjool dates, I'm almost equally a fan of these deglet noors. As they're already pitted, these are much more portable and kid friendly version, as well as possibly a better choice for some make-your-own appetizers and salads. But because they're more fiber-y and less fleshy than the aforementioned medjools, think through before using them in a recipe such as paleo pecan pie. The deglet noors are a touch sweeter, but in all taste fairly close to medjools. Much less sticky, too, to my kiddo's delight.

Here's a bonus though. The pound-plus pack of these guys? Only $2.99! Grading by the fact that a doublepounder of topnotch dates from Costco retails for about $9, that's a pretty good value. We'll like them as long as they're around, but don't it personally when one day they're just gone without warning - they're in the seasonal section, after all.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Deglet Noor Dates: 7 out of 10 Golden Spoons.


  1. It is a excellent app idea. Stuff with cheese and then wrap in bacon. YUM

  2. These made a top notch sticky toffee pudding for Christmas.

  3. Try stuffing those with some blue cheese. Mmm.

  4. Try stuffing those with some blue cheese. Mmm.

  5. They are such a deal! Great soft texture. I like them with a dab of almond butter as a snack

  6. So good! I replaced the strawberry licorice with these dates. A yummy candy alternative.


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