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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Podcast: Favorite Trader Joe’s Ice Creams

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  1. The bacon cheddar ranch dip is great on carrots. But if you really want to knock your socks off, go for the caramelized onion dip (usually they are stocked together) and try it with the Ode to the Classic Potato chip. YUM! Reminds me of having ruffles and lipton onion soup mix dip, but way way better. Also, you really need to try more cheese. Try the english cheddar with caramelized onions, or any of the double/triple cream bries. The thousand day aged gouda is great with the rosemary ham on the brioche bun toasted with some honey. I tend to think hard cheeses are better melted, or served with other foods. (like parmesan in a salad). The honey goat cheese is amazing with cucumber slices on the some enchanted cracker. I gotta stop. I just love Tj's cheese so much.

    1. Awesome info, Sundancer. Thank you for all of your great comments today. Hope you'll stop by our blog often :)

  2. I haven't tired them yet but for the pot pie ravioli try butter with some rosemary and thyme. Then grate some parmigiana on top.


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