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Friday, February 26, 2016

Podcast Episode 19: Discontinued Products

In this episode we reveal our favorite Trader Joe’s products that have been Off Boarded (discontinued). We also share several products that What’s Good at Trader Joe’s readers miss.

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  1. Black cocoa almonds.
    Highbrow chocolate chip cookies.
    Peppermint extract.
    5 cheese frusta.

  2. I talked to someone from Trader Joe's and they said the chili, along with the split pea soup, was coming back "sometime" in 2016. Something with a change in supplier but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Their split pea soup was the best!

  3. RIP Beef & Barley soup in a box. You made me happy and full. You were the perfect counterpart to the Chicken Soup in the exact same size box. But the saddest was the loss of the Basura, the delicious dried beef. It was amazingly good with hummus.

  4. What happened to Single Serve Quiche Mexicaine?


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