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Friday, September 4, 2015

Podcast Episode 7: Shopping Strategies and Our TJ's Staples

In this episode we share how we shop at Trader Joe’s and what products we regularly buy. Listen to us on Stitcher.


Download: MP3 (23.1 MB)

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  1. I am literally counting down the days until the Birmingham, Al store opens... 27 days now! I actually have a little countdown app set up LOL

  2. Our TJ's is not really busy at all most if of the time. My regular purchases are turkey bacon, Castello blue cheese, coconut creamer (often out of stock), savory thins rice crackers, coconut oil, dark belgian chocolate almonds, orange muscat vinegar, unsalted roasted peanut butter, parmigiano reggiano, Bird's nest, wasabi seaweed, holistic feline treats,
    But for coffee beans and sparkling water, Costco! Ours has a coffee roaster, 2.5 lb at about $5 a pound.


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