Monday, June 1, 2020

Trader Joe's Mint-A-Breath Bones

For the past few years, our dogs have been obsessed with Greenies brand dental treats. If you're a dog owner, you might want to check them out if you haven't already. They really do help clean the dogs' teeth. There's a noticeable reduction in yellow stains on our pooches' chompers since they've been eating Greenies.

And they LOVE the taste and texture. They beg for them everyday. Alfred knows which drawer we keep them in, and he'll camp out next to it multiple times a day, staring at it, asking us to give him one of his favorite snacks. He barks nice and loud if we ignore him.

Both dogs gobble those things up like nothing else. They'll choose Greenies over Milk Bones, Snausages, Canine Carry Outs, or any Trader Joe's brand treat we've given them so far, and we're very pleased with their effect on our pups' breath and dental health.

Enter: Trader Joe's Mint-A-Breath Bones. How do they compare? 

First impressions: they're much harder than Greenies, which isn't particularly convenient when we want to break them in half for our very small dogs. But it's a plus in that one of these bones keeps Alfred busy for the better part of a half hour, whereas its Greenie counterpart is gone in minutes, if not seconds.

Greenies come in two different sizes. We usually go for the smaller size, but if the larger one is all that's available, we'll grab that one, and we simply break each toothbrush-shaped treat in half. These Mint-A-Breath Bones are comparable to the larger of the two Greenies sizes.

The treats were apparently too hard for Sadie, and she didn't even make a dent in hers. She's the smaller of our two dogs, and she's never really been into chew toys or super hard snacks. She's always had more stains on her teeth and worse breath than her brother, though, too. She seemed interested in the smell of the bone, but she gave up trying to eat it rather quickly.

That's the Greenie on the left, Mint-A-Bone on the right in the pic above. Ingredients-wise, the Trader Joe's version is rice-based, while the original is made with wheat. There's significantly more protein and fat in Greenies than the TJ's version, and also more calories by volume. 

I just read that the Mint-A-Breath Bones aren't recommended for dogs under 30 pounds. Whoops. I guess we'll break out a sharp kitchen knife next time and saw one in half for both our dogs. In light of that, I think we'll stick to Greenies for now. Here's a quick video with our animal friends' reactions to the bones:

Four paw prints from Alfred. Two paw prints from Sadie.

Bottom line: 6 out of 10.


  1. I bought these Mint-A-Breath Bones from Trader Joe’s and gave each of my dogs one and after they had eaten it, I read that these are not recommended for dogs under 30lbs. So I became very concerned because I was thinking more on the lines of the ingredients not being good for smaller dogs. What a relief to watch this video and find out that it’s the size of the bone and not the ingredients. Thank you for posting this video and putting my mind at ease.

    1. Thanks for checking out our blog, Caroline. Please don't take anything we say as veterinary advice, but it's my assumption that it's the hardness of the bones that makes them ideal for larger dogs since big dogs tend to have more powerful jaws. We still let our male dog have these once in a blue moon since he's a little bigger than our female and he has exceptionally healthy teeth.

  2. Where are the mint bones from? Are they made in the US?

  3. hi i just bought these mint bones and my 2 dogs are under 30 lbs each so i break in half on side of my kitchen table put a little elbow grease into breaking and it does a perfect half its no big deal! i think these are the best then i have been using minties but they would be my 2nd best but why not use the best for your dogs!