Thursday, April 4, 2019

Trader Joe's Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies

My poor wife.

Sandy had just finished a long day at work and a run with a friend. She had no chance to go home for dinner before our usual kids dance class routine. She also gave up sweets for Lent...but she was pretty hungry...and of course I forgot to grab her a dinner as I was too busy wrangling all our own kids plus one more through dinner and out the door to get to said dance class, and I remembered everything except her dinner...and it'd be at least an hour til we got home...and all I had was Trader Joe's Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies with me (i.e., kid bait to get them all moving)...

Husband fail. She broke Lent because of me. It wasn't her fault. I think God will understand.

Worth it? Maybe. I mean, these are really pretty basic snacky chocolate chip cookies. Of course, even a middlin' chocolate chip cookie is pretty tasty in my book.

What these cookies really have going for them more than anything else is at least the perception of quality ingredients. Good stuff in equals a good outcome more times than not. The closest approximation to a name brand cookie I could make for these TJ's snacksters would be Famous Amos - similar in size, feel, taste - except these just taste better in a not totally quanitifiable kinda way. Maybe it's just that word "organic" messing with me.

Regardless, these cookies are worth a try, especially if in need for a portable confectionary motivator for either yourself or the juvenile crowd. There's five mini cookies to a serving - you should see a four year old's eyes light up when you tell her she can eat five cookies if she'll just get her little biscuits moving. It works like a charm. Good, not great, cookies. Kid approved, mama and dada approved, and budget friendly at less than $3 for the baggie, so they do have all that going for them. Yumz.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies: 7.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons


  1. These sound a lot like the crispy little choco chip cookies that come in a big tub- although somehow the ones in a tub are a lot more per serving.
    Seems like a good option for an organic kid motivating treat

  2. I was excited to try these cookies, but also a little skeptical. Being organic does not automatically equal flavorful or delicious. These are hands down the BEST organic chocolate chip cookies I have found! From a size standpoint, these are Famous Amos. The ones in the tub are thinner… so you get more cookies per serving. I love that Trader Joe’s is expanding their Organics. Not only did I like them, my kids loved them. It feels good to give my family healthier treats. We all liked these better than the Famous Amos cookies and I feel certain it’s because these use real BUTTER and Famous Amos doesn’t use any.