Thursday, February 7, 2019

Trader Joe's Organic Vanilla Wafer Cookies


I've wondered from time to time why TJ's doesn't sell particular items - I mean, they could have a whole line of baby food, name it Trader Joey's, put a baby kangaroo on it, and call it a day while making a killing - but banana cream pudding isn't one of those things whose absense I ever questioned. It's just not at TJ's. It doesn't need to be. Not that it wouldn't be welcome - I'm sure TJ's could acquire and distribute a pretty darn good banana cream pudding. But it never crossed my mind that it was something that the brand lacked, and as far as I know, not my wife Sandy's either, until the introduction of the new Trader Joe's Organic Vanilla Wafer Cookies.

The blatantly obvious comparison to these cookies is the famous Nilla Wafers. Those are all time classics - a bit plain, yes, but everyone knows what a nilla wafer tastes like. And apparently Sandy's favorite way to enjoy those ubiquitously famous cookies is with banana cream pudding, hence her outburst of sorts.

I'll admit it, these TJ's wafers are pretty decent. One noteworthy facet of the appeal is the undeniable textural feel - they're incredibly soft and crumbly. There were very few full cookies that survived fully intact from factory to my kitchen. That's not a bad thing - the fact the cookies practically melt in your mouth is a major plus. Love 'em for that.

But still, there's something a little off here flavorwise. It's not the vanilla - it comes off strong and sugary upfront and is thoroughly enjoyable. But a few chews reveal a certain....I don't know what. For lack of better theory, I think it tastes a little eggy. Too eggy. And sure enough, the ingredients list "dry egg powder" which seems a little strange to me. I'm willing to be wrong here, but that's what I'll point to as the main culprit for my slight displeasure. Dry egg powder....*shakes fist*.

Regardless, we as a family enjoyed the cookies. Out of the box, they're good enough as is, but even better is paired with a little frosting or Nutella or jam. And, yeah, probably, banana cream pudding. Sandy raved about the wafers, noting their crumbliness. I like them enough to have a few but not enough to want to eat the whole box at once, so that's a plus. Couple bucks for the pouch and a few stars each in our books.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Organic Vanilla Wafer Cookies: 6.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons 


  1. Are you familiar with the not organic vanilla wafers that TJs also sells? They're in a plastic tub near the other cookies. I think those taste really nice, you can actually see the little flecks of vanilla in them. (At least I hope that's what those black flecks are.)

    1. They stopped making them. Upsetting because they were amazing.

  2. I was also wondering how they compare to the vanilla bean cookies. I thought those were quite good.

  3. Or even banana joe joe's! GENIUS! Adding banana flakes to the cookie dough. Use vanilla filling. It is like banana pudding without the spoon.

  4. It is odd they’re promoting these when they already have such a great “ultimate vanilla wafer” cookie, although this new version is organic so maybe that’s the point. But this new product is also a 9oz package vs the other which is 13oz, not sure what the price difference is.
    I can’t sympathize with wanting banana pudding (no bananas here thanks) but maybe you could use a slice of those frozen chocolate dipped banana slices and tuck between two vanilla wafers for a fun banana-y treat

  5. This is so crazy! I was reading the recipe for Magnolia’s banana pudding and was thinking Trader Joe’s Camilla wafers in place of the hideous Nilla Wafers and this popped up. I’m trying these out in it this weekend

  6. These are better than Nilla Wafers FOR SURE but nowhere near as good as the Ultimate Vanilla Wafers that TJ’s sells in the tub. Now tonight I was told they are discontinued. Ugh!! Why?!?!

  7. Ummmm these wafers that TJ carefully markets as vanilla wafers do not have ANY real vanilla in them! Just look at the ingredients..... there is only “natural vanilla flavour” which is not the same as real vanilla. When asked about this TJ suddenly stopped the conversation and has not responded since. This is what’s known as Deception.

  8. NO! these are not near as good as the Ultimate Vanilla wafers they sold in the clear tub! Please bring those back!!!!