Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trader Joe's Chocolate Cara Cara Caramels

When saying the word "caramel," apparently just about any pronunciation will fly. But in the US at least, there's no debate about the pronunciation of "cara cara," as in a cara cara orange. So just for the sake of consistency, let's all go ahead and continue the whole CARE-uh speech pattern into the word CARE-uh-mel. Use the long A sound in all three words, for crying out loud. It's just so cacophonous to say "CARE-uh CARE-uh KAR-uh-mels" and heaven forbid you say "KAR-muhls" when pronouncing the name of this product. But whatever.

I suppose the whole thing is moot point since all of this is written and not spoken and why on earth would I start a debate when there's simply no reason to stir up discord? I guess I'm grumpy because my Caps choked in the second round of the playoffs for the millionth time and I just paid four bucks for ten little candies at TJ's and I'm not even really sure I like them that much.

But I definitely don't hate them either. 

They're unique. Made with cara cara orange juice concentrate, the flavor is surprisingly unlike that of a chocolate orange. These are much saltier. And made with darker chocolate. And caramellier. Which isn't even a word. But gosh dangit, if people are allowed to pronounce "caramel" any old way they please, then I'm going to use "caramelly" as an adjective with "caramellier" as its comparative form and "caramelliest" as the superlative. Dangit. <drops mic>

<long pause>

<awkwardly shuffles back on stage and picks mic back up>

Ahem. I wasn't done talking about these caramels yet.

If you really pay attention, you can taste the orange juice in the caramel, which is a nice touch. Any sweetness in the product is balanced out with the aforementioned saltiness as well as a delicate bitterness. The chocolate is firm and rigid, and the caramel is fairly smooth and runny—almost juicy if that makes sense.

This product really grew on Sonia. At first bite, she wasn't sure if she liked them that much. But after a couple pieces, she ended up appreciating them more and more. She's going to settle on a final score of three and a half out of five. I'll go with three out of five since they're expensive. Plus if I'm going to have candy, I'll head for white chocolate over this stuff any day.

Bottom line: 6.5 out of 10.


  1. Sorry about your Caps once more. You and Sonia are still welcome to come visit us whenever. Don't worry about drinking vessels, we have at least four Cups. :)

    1. Ah gee thanks, buddy...hey wait a minute...drinking...cups...son of a...D'OH!


  2. As a chocolate covered caramel I give this a 7.5 out of 10. As a chocolate covered orange flavored caramel I give this a 4. You really have to pay attention to notice the orange flavor.

  3. These look really good and I am interested in trying them. Especially because vitamin C helps you to absorb more nutrients from the chocolate itself!
    By the way, Trader Joe's came out with lemon scented dishwasher gel and I was wondering if you were going to be reviewing it on your blog?

    1. Lemon scented dish gel?? Sounds delicious!

    2. Lemon *scented*. The flavor is a little bland, and kinda soapy. Maybe there's cilantro in it? ;cD