Friday, April 29, 2016

Trader Joe's Island Salsa

Memorial Weekend is only about a month away! You know what that means - the unofficial start of summer and all that. And that means vacation time! For a lot of you out there, that means one big thing: the beach.

Listen: I'm not opposed to beaches. I can spend a day there and reasonably relax. But maybe it's my fair gingery complexion that causes sunburn too easily, or my general aversion to sand in uncomfortable places, but given the choice, send me off to the mountains (cannot wait for a weekend canyoneeering in Zion National Park in June). For the whole family, we have our sights set on a Pirates road trip which true to tradition will probably include a stop at TJ's and a zoo. We'll probably spend a day at Presque Isle (best lake beach!) but other than that, islands? Beaches? All that? not in our plans.

Buuuuuuut...if you want to send your tastebuds on an early tropical vacation, you can easily pick up a jar of Trader Joe's Island Salsa. $2.99 on your local TJ shelf.

Even for us admittedly nonbeachy folks, this is some good, good salsa. The mango and pineapple base offers a sweet citrusy opening flourish that, while a little cloyingly candylike, quickly resides. In the middling transition, there's a quick hit of the bell peppers and onions before ending up with a mostly subtly spicy bow. Now, I said mostly. Depending on perspective, if you get the right or wrong bite into one of the very ripe red jalapenos, the heat goes up quite noticeably. But if that happens, just pop in another bite real quick, and chances are, the smooth sweetness will soothe your burning buds.

Like most fruit salsas, it is kinda delicate in flavor. The salsa was a great accompaniment for some tortilla chips, and atop a mahi mahi burger....heaven. Grilled chicken would also be a great pairing, whereas things like beef tacos I wouldn't see as much, unless you're into that kinda thing. 

I'm not quite sold on the word "chunky" in the description, though. Really, the whole salsa flows fairly alike to crushed pineapple, so there are small little chunks, but no mega veggie or fruit boulders. I guess if pressed I could say chunky, but to me, it's much in the moderate middle between smooth and chunky.

Also, as a huge bonus for my beloved wife: no tomatoes. None. That's got to be the reason she gives it a perfect five. I'm not able to ask her, since she's not quite 18 months old yet, but I'd love to know what my younger daughter B thinks - she was eating this by the spoonful as happy as could be. Well, until she caught that one jalapeno...but even though, after making a face for a couple minutes, she went back for more. Regardless, Sandy in a rare flash of exuberance goes with an all-out perfect five for her score. I want to go there myself, but fruit salsa aren't my bag, but this is undoubtedly the best fruit salsa I've had that I can remember (at least in the jarred grocery category)...alright, alright, we'll Pantheon it.

Bottom line: Trader Joe's Island Salsa: 9.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons


  1. Ah shoot! I was at TJs yesterday and came to your blog to see if you had a review up yet. I went with the roasted garlic salsa instead. Guess I'll have to pick up a jar of this one soon! 😋

  2. I bet this would be great over grilled swordfish..

  3. I've been trying to stay away from extra added sugar so I saw that this had 5 grams of sugar to 2 teaspoons. Yo ....are those heaping teaspoons or flat

    1. 5g per 2 tablespoons. It is fruit salsa afterall.

  4. does anyone know where i can get the recipe to make this at home as TJ is too far with no car

  5. This is delicious. It's a bit sweet... and so I kind of refrain indulging in this as a chip salsa as-is, straight up. What I have discovered is that this is a phenomenal marinate for seafood. Not just swordfish as Kalei suggested. It's excellent on any white fish, like Tilapia and Flounder. Or a dipping sauce for seared tuna. I'm thinking of experimenting and creating my own sauce based on the ingredients here, with less sugar.

  6. Just tried it. Tasty. Texture is a bit squishy. Costco mango salsa has a better texture but I never go there. I was going for the peach salsa but it says spicy on the label and spicy is not my thing. I’d buy it again especially at that price.

  7. this is dope bro, love your blogs:)